Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updates to IPUMS-International

News for you from the Minnesota Population Center:

The Minnesota Population Center is pleased to announce the latest expansion of the IPUMS-International data series. We recently added 26 new samples. The data release includes 7 new countries -- Germany, Iran, Ireland, Jamaica, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Sudan -- as well as additional samples for 5 countries already in the database: Cambodia, Egypt, France, Palestine and Vietnam. The data series now contains 397 million person records from 185 censuses in 62 countries.

You can get more detail about the latest data release at or go directly to the variable list to see the content of the new samples at The data series can be accessed at

We recently changed the way that users browse variables and make data extracts on our site. We welcome your feedback on this and any other aspect of IPUMS-International.

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