Tuesday, July 24, 2018

New data from IPUMS

New Veterans and Child Support supplement data are available via IPUMS CPS. If you missed the CPS linking workshop, you can find all of the materials online. If you're curious about what months of CPS can be linked together or what supplements can be used in tandem, check out our CPS linking tool.


IPUMS DHS released new data for Uganda 2016, as well as biometric variables for women from individual recode files.


The 2017 NHIS data are now available. We added more than 1,500 new integrated variables, available via IPUMS NHIS.


2017 American Time Use Survey data are now available via ATUS-X. It's about time.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Election Data at Roper Center

Explore the newly acquired 2014 NEP Election Day Exit Polls & 2016 NEP State Primary Exit Polls, available now at the Roper Center. The 2014 election day collection features the 2014 national dataset as well as 27 state-level datasets. The 2016 state primary collection includes data from 55 primaries. Access more at Roper Center for Public Opinion Research