Saturday, August 30, 2008

American Community Survey data releases

From the NC Data Center: The American Community Survey (ACS) released the first of its 2007 single year data for areas with a population over 65,000 on Tuesday. This was the economic release including poverty data to coincide with the poverty and health insurance coverage release from the Current Population Survey. The rest of the 2007 single year ACS data will be released in September. The first release of 3-year-aggregate ACS data for areas with a population of 20,000 or more will happen in early December! This will provide data for more areas of our state, and that data will now be available annually.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Check out ICPSR's newest releases!

Looking for hot new data? Check out ICPSR's newest collections and updates.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

2010 Census is coming soon!

The Census Bureau is gearing up for the 2010 Census. Want to know more about the kick-off efforts?! You know you do. Check out the kick-off presentation on the NC State Data Center website.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

National Survey of Adolescents Data Series Publicly Available Through DSDR (ICPSR)

The Data Sharing for Demographic Research archive at the Inter-univeristy consortium for political and social research (ICPSR) now has data available from the 2004 National Survey of Adolescents. The National Survey of Adolescents was launched in 2004 in four Sub-Saharan African countries to provide detailed information on adolescent risk-taking and health-seeking behavior as related to HIV, STDs, and unintended pregnancy. The study examined a range of factors (e.g., behavioral, sociocultural, economic) that could lead to increased risk-taking behaviors. The study also sought to determine knowledge of means of prevention, sources of trusted information and health care, and impediments to adolescents' abilities to apply their knowledge and take preventive action.

DSDR has data from both the household- and individual-level surveys for the following research projects: Burkina Faso (ICPSR 22408), Ghana (ICPSR 22409), Malawi (ICPSR 22410), and Uganda (ICPSR 22411). Data are available in SAS transport, SPSS system, and Stata DTA formats, in addition to ASCII and ASCII tab-delimited data files with SAS, SPSS, and Stata setup files. All four studies in the National Survey of Adolescents series are also available for online data analysis (SDA).

If you have any questions about the National Survey of Adolescents series data, please contact Russel S. Hathaway, Ph.D. at or at 734.615.9525.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New export functionality deployed in the ICPSR Bibliography

Users of the ICPSR Bibliography of Data-related Literature can now export individual citations directly into reference management software like EndNote or online tools like Zotero (a free extension to the Internet browser, Firefox).

Next to each ICPSR citation, an "Export citation" link now appears. Clicking the link automatically exports the citation. Future enhancements to the Bibliography will include the ability to mark and export multiple search results at once, in more formats.

The ICPSR Bibliography of Data-related Literature is a searchable database that contains over 45,000 citations of known published and unpublished works resulting from analyses of data held in the ICPSR archive.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Check out ICPSR's newest releases!

Looking for hot new data? Check out ICPSR's newest collections and updates.

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A World of Data

Would you like to see polling data on the mood of the country as we move into the election? Do you need to know about differences in political attitudes based on age, race, or ethnicity? UNCG’s University Libraries has membership in two data archives that can assist you with these questions and more—the ICPSR and the Roper Center.

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research is the world’s largest archive of social science data. Through UNCG’s membership, faculty, staff, and students have access to over 6,300 studies from every discipline of the social sciences.

Also, faculty, staff, and students now have access to the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. The Roper Center is an archive of 500,000 questions from national opinion survey organizations and news sources, such as Gallup and the Wall Street Journal.

If you would like to learn more about our membership, please contact Lynda Kellam, Data Services and Government Information Librarian, through the Data and Numeric Services Website.

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