Monday, May 24, 2010

ICPSR Summer Program Workshop on “Health Care Change in the U.S."

New Details on the ICPSR Summer Program Workshop on “Health Care Change in the U.S.”

  • Application deadline extended (June 9, 2010)
  • Courses fees waived
  • Limited number of travel stipends ($500) available
The ICPSR Summer Program is pleased to announce new details on the 5-day (August 2-6, 2010) workshop titled

“Health Care Change in the United States: Working With The Community Tracking Study and Health Tracking Surveys”

– sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

A description of the workshop follows and also can be found – along with information on how to register – at


With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center for Studying Health System Change (HSC) has periodically conducted national surveys of households and physicians and conducted comprehensive site visits in a set of local health care markets since 1996. The Community Tracking Study (CTS) is a large-scale longitudinal investigation of the evolution of the U.S. health system change and its effects on people and providers. This workshop will focus on the household and physician surveys conducted by HSC and available through ICPSR. The first four rounds of these surveys, called the CTS Household and Physician surveys, had complex samples primarily clustered in 60 nationally representative local healthcare markets, allowing both national and market estimates. Beginning in 2007, with round 5, surveys adopted simpler national samples and were renamed the HSC Health Tracking Household and Physician surveys.

The household surveys contain detailed information on people’s healthcare access, satisfaction, use of services and insurance coverage. Information about health status, sociodemographic characteristics and employment is also collected. Physician surveys ask about source of practice revenue, problems respondents face in practicing medicine, quality of care, access to services, information technology, sources of practice revenue and compensation, as well as questions about their practice arrangements and care practices.

This workshop will meet August 2-6 and cover key features of the CTS and Health Tracking Household and Physician surveys, while also providing instruction on their use and on the analysis of survey data in general. It will begin with presentations by HSC staff, who will describe study design, sampling procedures, questionnaire content, complex survey variance estimation, weighting, and other topics. Participants will be asked to familiarize themselves with the content of the either the 2007 household or 2008 physician surveys and formulate research projects. HSC and ICPSR staff will assist participants in developing and pursuing their research projects. During the last two days of the workshop, participants will hear from researchers who have used the CTS and HT surveys, continue working on their research projects, and explore other HSC surveys.

Application: Applicants need to include a one-page statement of their research interests and their curriculum vitae. Graduate students require a letter of support from their faculty adviser. All supporting materials can be submitted electronically through the Summer Program registration portal on each applicant's Summer Program account page.

Deadline: EXTENDED -- the new deadline for application is Wednesday June 9, 2010.

Fee: There will be no tuition fees for accepted participants.

Stipend: Robert Wood Johnson will offer travel stipends ($500 maximum) for a limited number of participants to attend the workshop.