Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Time Use

The Maryland Population Research Center and the Minnesota Population Center are pleased to announce the release of the American Time Use Survey Data Extract Builder (ATUS-X). ATUS-X is designed to make it easy for researchers to work with data from the American Time Use Survey (ATUS). Interested researchers can explore the ATUS Data Extract Builder at www.atusdata.org.

The central goal of the ATUS-X project is to make it easy for researchers to prepare ATUS data files that are ready for analysis. The current version of the ATUS Data Extract Builder allows researchers to:

  • Extract data from 2003-2007, including the 2006 Eating and Health Module.
  • Create measures of time in user-defined activity aggregations, broken out as desired by time of the day, by location and by whether the respondent was engaged in caring for children during the activity.
  • Select personal and household characteristic variables for inclusion
    on the data extract.
  • ATUS-X also provides researchers with accessible and comprehensive

Monday, March 2, 2009

The World and Beer

Featured Database: Euromonitor Global Market Information Database (GMID)

Do you want to know which beer company has the largest market share in Slovakia? Then Euromonitor GMID is the right tool for you! Euromonitor GMID is UNCG’s main database for international marketing data and reports. The database contains several types of information sources:
  • Statistics: Includes market size data for 52 countries and hundreds of consumer products and economic and demographic statistics for 205 countries.
  • Market Reports: Global and national market reports analyzing industry market performance.
  • Company Profiles: Extensive profiles of individual companies and their market performances.
  • Country Profiles: Basic industry information and statistical summaries for 205 countries.
  • Comments: Include daily commentary on a wide variety of topics.
The information is also well integrated. If you search for a specific report you will see related reports, company profiles, and statistics on the right side of the screen. You can also browse the newest reports or search any portion of the database.

Users can download data and create profiles to save searches. If you will be using this database frequently, I would encourage you to create a profile as it will save you quite a bit of time.

And the answer is Heineken.

Click on the bottom right of the video for full screen. Text of the video is below:

Hi! My name is lynda and I’m going to show you how to get started using Euromonitor’s Global Market Information Database. It is UNCG’s primary database for international marketing research. You can search by Industries, Countries, or Companies. We are going to look at the consumer market for footwear. First, I’ll click on Consumer Markets under Search Industries.

You will see a screen with the available consumer markets. I will choose the plus sign next to Clothing and Footwear to expand that category and then I will expand the category of Footwear. I am interested in men’s and women’s footwear, so I will check those two boxes. Then click Next at the bottom of the screen.

Now you have a chance to choose your countries. I am interested in France, so I’ll expand the Western Europe category and click the box next to France. You can choose more than one country at a time. Now at the bottom of the screen you will see Run Search. This means you have chosen all available information. Click on Run Search.

You will see two categories of information: Statistics and Reports. Reports are narrative reports on various aspects of your country or the consumer market chosen.
I just want to see Statistics for footwear in France, so I will click on View All Statistics.

Here are the market sizes for women’s and men’s footwear in France. You can convert the statistics, manipulate the ordering of the data, and download into excel format.

Happy hunting and remember if you have questions, “Ask Us!”