Tuesday, February 16, 2010

UNCG's 2010 Census Page

Check out our new 2010 Census page! It brings together links of interest to the UNCG community including information about the Census in NC. And don't forget to mail back your form!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cool reports from Euromonitor's GMID!

Check out these new reports from GMID:

Top 10 consumer trends for 2009

All expectations are that this will be a year of guarded consumption for credit-crunched consumers globally – but consumption is more resilient than people might think and many commentators point out that the global consumer mindset is tuned to recession-spending. CLICK HERE to read more

Mapping global pollution: The world's biggest polluters

The United Nations Climate Change Summit is taking place in December 2009 in Copenhagen with the aim of coming up with a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol for global emissions targets, which are due to expire in 2012. 192 countries are involved but a divide exists between emerging markets and advanced economies on where responsibility lies for reducing emissions. China is the world's largest polluter followed by the USA but emerging markets generally lag behind in terms of per capita emissions. CLICK HERE to read more

Indian consumers in 2020: A look into the future

A fast growing economy and a rising number of affluent consumers have pushed India into the league of most brand conscious countries globally. Many Indian consumers today are savvy shoppers who are educated, know their brands and are ready to spend more on premium lifestyle products and entertainment. CLICK HERE to read more

For more reports, check out Euromonitor's Global Market Information Database.