Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guilford County is schooling LA County!

Check out the US Census Bureau's Take 10 Map.

Wanna take bets on whose city will have the highest census participation rate? You can compare participation rates in your home state or county to others in the United States using the Take 10 Map. Currently the northern Midwest states are winning, but the rest of the country is close behind!

And don't forget to fill out and mail back your form. For more information, visit and check out the information below from the NC Census office.

Making Sure You Are Counted

by NC Census April 06, 2010

April 1 – Census Day – has come and gone, and it is important that everyone be a part of the 2010 Census count.

What do you do if you have misplaced your Census questionnaire?

First, remember that April 1 is NOT a deadline or a due date. You can still participate in the Census.

The 2010 Census is a count of everyone where they reside. While most addresses were mailed questionnaires in mid-March, “group quarters” such as college dorms, military barracks, residential homes, prisons, etc. are counted by the US Census Bureau in a slightly different process that began on April 1 and runs through mid-May. If you reside in a group quarters situation, the Census is coming to you.

If you live in a traditional residence such as a house or apartment and need a replacement 2010 Census questionnaire, you can participate in the Census through different options.

You can wait. The US Census Bureau is mailing replacement forms to some areas, and you may receive a replacement form in your mailbox. Census workers will also begin visiting addresses that did not return a Census questionnaire in May, and you can participate in the 2010 Census by answering the questions with the Census worker.

You can call. If you do not want to wait, Questionnaire Assistance Centers and Be Counted sites can also provide you with replacement forms. Currently the Telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center can answer questions about completing your Census form, but beginning on April 12 the TQAC can have replacement forms mailed to your home. You can reach the telephone Questionnaire Assistance Center at the following numbers:

English 1-866-872-6868
Chinese 1-866-935-2010
Korean 1-866-955-2010
Russian 1-866-965-2010
Spanish 1-866-928-2010
Vietnamese 1-866-945-2010
TDD 1-866-783-2010 (for hearing impaired)

You can visit. There are over 1,000 Questionnaire Assistance Centers located in public areas such as public libraries and community centers across North Carolina. You may stop by your nearest QAC to pick up a replacement form. Visit the Take 10 Map to locate the nearest Questionnaire Assistance Center in your neighborhood.

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