Friday, December 5, 2008

2005-2007 ACS Data Release

From the NC State Data Center:

The US Census Bureau will release the first 3 year data from the American Community Survey on December 9, 2008. This will be the first release of ACS data for areas with a population of 20,000 – 64,999 and will also include 3 year data for areas with populations over 65,000. 3 year data will be released annually from now on. The 3 year data will have smaller margins of error as well as presenting data for more geographic areas.

The Census Bureau is also developing handbooks to help users make sense of the ACS and use it correctly. The handbooks are focused on 12 user categories or product types. At this time only the following handbooks are available:

General Data Users
Business Data Users

For more information on the American Community Survey or to view the ACS Handbooks, visit

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